Wireless Home Security System

The Mace Wireless Home Security System is a complete do-it-yourself burglar alarm system with a buit-in auto dialer, you can easily install and self-monitor for protection while at home or away. If an intruder is detected the local 105dB alarm siren activates and the system will call up to 5 pre-programmed emergency contact phone numbers to deliver your pre-recorded alarm message, allowing one to remotely listen-in and broadcast a voice warning to the intruder, or disarm and reset the system remotely. An ideal starter system for homes, apartments, condos, and even dorm rooms… the 80355 system kit consists of a main control unit plus a wireless door window sensor, a wireless motion detector, and a convenient remote control with an instant panic alarm button. The system has up to 300ft range for wireless sensor coverage and is completely expandable with up to 14 additional wireless sensors and 7 remote controls. Keypad programmable features include entry delay time, silent alarm operation, auto call list cycling, and alarm history retreival to name just a few. The system can function completely on it’s own for local alerting and requires only a standard telephone line with tone dialing for remote monitoring with the added benefit of easily sharing your home’s exisiting telephone line without additional fees or service contracts. The main control unit can be wall mounted or conveniently set on a table top next to any phone in your home for quick and easy installation.Wireless Auto Dialer

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