Oplink Connected CMPOPG2204OPL01 Alarm Shield Home Security System (White)

Oplink Security CMPOPG2204OPL01 Alarm Shield

An affordable security system with no wires or contracts? No way!

Oplink Connected AlarmShield provides security and monitoring for home or business without any complicated wiring. It’s a plug-n-play smart wireless system that installs in minutes and is controlled through your smartphone. AlarmShield provides reliable monitoring of your home or business from anywhere in the world, and it seamlessly integrates multiple locations into one easy-to-use smartphone interface. AlarmShield provides fast, accurate alerts and notifications to just you or multiples authorized users. Like all Oplink solutions, you can quickly and easily expand your system at any time by adding other Oplink plug & play devices, such as cameras, sensors or devices.

Quickly and easily installed in minutes, no pairing set-up

System Features

Oplink provides security and peace of mind for you and your loved ones! Powered by Plug-N-Play feature, system installation can be done quickly and easily without any device pairing. No professional installers and technical expertise are required. The whole system is based on Smartphone control, letting you stay connected – anytime, anywhere! You receive fast and reliable 24/7 alerts and notifications. You can also assign trusted group of users for you to reduce false alarms and respond to real emergencies. Whenever there’s a situation, it will send out in-app parallel group alarms/alerts. More importantly, our smart Cloud technology protects the system with enterprise-level security and encryption.

Get More, Pay Less

Oplink offers free standard self-monitoring alarm service with Premium group-monitoring service as an upgrade. Upgrade to Premium Service for a low monthly fee and enjoy unlimited live video monitoring and video alerts instantly and direct to the app on your phone. Group video and monitoring for your authorized family or friends, allows them to receive push alerts or manage your system no matter where they are. Through the Oplink Cloud, you and your trusted groups can monitor what matters most, anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Enjoy Even More

All Oplink systems are able to extend or expand. Just choose an add-on and let the Oplink OPU intelligently add them to your system – making your system as unique as you. Regardless of how many components you add, Oplink’s plug and play technology automatically integrates and configures each component with your existing system. And with Oplink, you can have more to choose for your unique needs from our different product lines.

What’s Included

1 Oplink Processing Unit (OPU), 2 Door/Window Sensors,1 Motion Sensor,1 Siren, 2 Remote Controls

Oplink Mobile App
Empower your life with Oplink

Your interface to the Oplink system is a powerful and intuitive smartphone app. It allows you to receive real-time video, video alerts and push notifications inside the app – anytime, anywhere. Even better, if you have multiple locations, many Oplink systems can be managed by your one mobile app. Available for free on Android, iOS and Windows.

Mobile App Features
  • Video monitoring for multiple cameras
  • Control the systems remotely
  • Receive notification when alarm is triggered
  • Customize multi-tier users and contacts
  • View history events
  • Manage all devices from one place
  • Event recording and sharing

With Free Standard Service, no monthly fee required. Premium Service available starting at $19.99
What’s included: 1 OPU, 2 Door/Window Sensors, 2 Remote Controls, 1 Siren and 1 Motion Sensor
TRUE Plug & Play installation in about 15 minutes!
Smartphone control – arm/disarm your system no matter where you are
Fast, reliable alerts and notifications to you and your authorized users

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