Kuna Integrated Smart Home Security Lantern

Getting your house broken into is a terrible feeling. It’s not just the things you lose, but because your home feels violated. Catching the criminal is good, but it’s better to keep it from happening in the first place. That’s why we created KUNA, to help you prevent break-ins and protect the ones who matter most. Meet the next generation in Home Security and Burglary Prevention: The KUNA Smart Security Light. This beautiful outdoor metal and glass wall lantern includes a 720P HD Video Camera and Smart Technology to live stream video from your home to your phone. Receive real-time notifications when a visitor is detected at your door. When motion is detected, push notifications are sent via our mobile app to your smart phone. Not only can you see who is at your door (from your phone), but you can communicate with these people via our live Intercom 2 way voice feature. You can speak live or send pre-recorded voice messages via your smart phone. With the push of a button, sound an alarm to deter burglars. KUNA supports iOS and Android devices.

KUNA is a smart Wi-Fi security camera and video intercom, built into an elegant outdoor light. It detects people coming to your home and alerts you so you can see and speak to them using your smartphone, from anywhere.

Stop break-ins before they happen. Start protecting your home and family with KUNA today.

Detects people at your door and lets you see and interact with them through your smartphone
Prevents home break-ins by alerting you before it happens instead of reporting it after the fact
It is always-on and never needs to be armed or disarmed to give you peace of mind

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