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Home security is an essential part of owning a home. We all need to feel safe while we’re at home as well as confident when we go out that burglars cannot get in. However, many homes are surprisingly easy to break into and in many cases burglars don’t even have to use force. There is a huge amount that householders could do to keep their homes secure. This highly informative and practical book shows you how to protect your home and possessions without having to spend a fortune on elaborate security systems. The book starts with a chapter on what makes crime happen and the principles of crime prevention. The chapters that follow deal with boundaries, access, door and window security, garden security, lighting for both house and garden and electronic systems. A chapter on defensive plants explains how planting a dense, thorny hedge is a good way to deter intruders. With informative text and useful diagrams throughout, Home Security is a practical, no-nonsense guide which provides clear and concise advice on how to make your home as secure as possible.

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